Art and Gifts
There is a wide variety of things that you can purchase in Athens, for yourselves or as gifts for your friends and family.Walking around the old city, Plaka, you will find plenty of souvenir shops selling some of the characteristic Athenian souvenirs such as awls, blue evil eyes for protection, little marble or bronze statues of Greek gods, hats, t-shirts and sandals.Or shops with traditional Greek products such as extra virgin olive oil, olives, spoon sweets, honey, ouzo, mastic liqueur, oregano and other herbs and spices.You can always find interesting new and second-hand things and bargain at the flea market in Monastiraki square, or you can visit the Varvakios meat and fish market and fruit and vegetable market and walk around the little streets of the area, to find little treasures. But if you would like to find something more sophisticated, something unique or hand-made, something that will be uncommon and different, then we have some proposals.
  1. Visit Lalaounis museum on Dionysiou Areopagitou street, close to the Acropolis museum. The jewelry collection is impressive, yet not for everyone, as the prices are rather high.
  2. The gift shop at the ground floor of the Acropolis museum, as well as the bookshop at the second floor can give you ideas for various gifts, having a choice between reasonable prices and more expensive items.
  3. Visit the actual shop Xorki by Florentine at Koukaki district or the online shop of a talented artist that makes herself imaginative, handmade jewelry (each piece is unique) and not only, at very reasonable prices.
  4. If you are trying to find something beautiful to decorate your house, a piece of art that will be attractive and unique, then you have to visit Plus Art Gallery and buy online, even though their actual gallery is located out of Athens. The Art pieces are sent with safety, anywhere your residence is.
    Plus Art Gallery is housed in an 1892 building on the pedestrian street of Gialova. The gallery was founded in 2022, to promote contemporary art , with the aim of highlighting the high artistic value of Greek painting, sculpture , ceramic art and culture .
  5. For those that are still searching for something different yet extraordinary and beautiful, we propose you to visit Valsamakis Hand-Crafted Ceramics . They have produced handmade ceramic tiles and plates, indoor and outdoor wall art, and colorful design solutions since 1960.
    The signature on their logo, the interlacing of the Greek letters “pi” and “beta”, is as unique as the man and the art it symbolizes. It is found on every piece designed by the hands of one of the world’s greatest contemporary ceramists, Panos Valsamakis (1900-1986). The ceramic tapestries of Valsamakis, although inspired mainly by Greek folklore, are so universally appealing that they have earned Valsamakis critical acclaim and numerous awards throughout the world. His themes have varied, over the years, from the traditional or historic to the contemporary, while his style has been influenced by modern realists as well as expressionists. The ceramic tiles and plates they present on the website are all handcrafted in their workshop in Maroussi, Greece, established in 1960. They offer wonderful and unique solutions to those looking for an impressive gift. Their ceramics can decorate your walls, entrances, fireplaces, or even tables. And, of course, they can be a very useful help to interior designers and architects.